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About our Local Co-Hosts

Jack.org is a mental health non-profit that works alongside youth to prevent mental health distress in young people aged 13–24. Young people are experts in their own experiences and are often best positioned to recognize when a peer is struggling and in need of support. Jack.org’s programs exist to enable youth potential. By equipping young people with the education and skills they need to recognize mental health struggle in themselves and their peers and seek needed support, Jack.org is building a world where mental health struggle is a thing of the past.

Jack Talks are mental health presentations by youth, for youth. They provide young people with the space to learn mental health essentials, while developing connections with their peers and community. Jack Talks for Indigenous Youth explore mental health and healing from across Turtle Island through culturally relevant lenses. Participants learn the fundamentals of mental health and explore struggle, stigma, and the relationship between culture, community, and mental health.

Be There is a free, award-winning resource that equips users with the knowledge and skill to support someone through a mental health struggle, while looking out for their own mental health too. The Be There Certificate (BTC), created in partnership with Born This Way Foundation, brings Be There’s essential learning to life in an online course that guides users through scenarios to practice their support skills and deepen understanding of how they can best be there for others struggling with their mental health.

Jack Chapters are groups of young people in education and other local settings that work to improve community mental health literacy and address barriers to support. The Jack Chapter program provides youth from every region of the country with the resources and platform they need to design their own mental health initiatives and reach community-members with content that’s tailored to their needs.

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